Retirement planning and advice on retirement options

Taking benefits from your pensions is a big decision and taking the wrong route can impact heavily on your retirement.

Whilst retirement will represent a major change in your lifestyle and allow you to take things at a more leisurely pace, your ability to take full advantage of the benefits of this new phase of your life will be very much dependent on your available finances. We advise on the following areas:

  • Income drawdown plans
  • Lifetime annuities
  • Fixed term annuities
  • Enhanced or impaired life annuities
  • Investment linked annuities
  • Phased retirement

Simply taking your retirement benefits from the same company that you have been using to build up your pension fund is often not the best route to take. There are ways in which you may be able to improve the income that you receive:

Open market option

You can opt to take your benefits from a different provider and often this can increase the amount of income you receive in retirement.

Pension consolidation

If you have a number of different pension plans you may be able to improve your retirement income by combining them to take benefits.

Taking health and lifestyle into account

If you have a health condition, from mild to potentially severe, or are a smoker, you may qualify for an enhanced or impaired life annuity and thereby receive a higher retirement income, sometimes by a considerable margin.

At Gibbons Wealth Management we have access to the whole of the market and use the latest software to find you the right retirement product for your retirement needs, taking into account the above factors.

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